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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We offer the flexibility of a month-to-month agreement. We also have a Day Program and Respite Care options to accommodate whatever scenario works best for you and your loved one.
Our team members go above and beyond California’s basic training requirements so that our staff and our residents are set up for success. In order to maintain our CARF accreditation, each and every member of the Glen Park Senior Living team receives additional training, specific to Alzheimer’s and dementia care as well as thorough hands-on shadow training, and continuing education throughout their employment with quarterly in-services that help keep us up-to-date with best practices.
Glen Park is proud to have a Senior Living Team that specializes in covering a wide variety of activities to promote health and well-being. With a group of professionals that offer multi-sensory programs in each of our communities, we aim to stimulate both body and brain through these interactive activities. Offering a daily structured programming schedule not only boosts resident engagement, it helps everyone stay active and maintain a level of independence for as long as possible. Here are some examples of our most popular multi-sensory programs: - Art Therapy - Music Therapy - Memories in the Making - Guided Autobiography - Pet Therapy - Gardening Club - Cooking Class We’re also proud to partner with the California State University at Northridge for a service-learning internship program, where students studying in the Gerontology, Public Health, and Healthcare Administration departments complete 180 hours of on-site engagement. This hands-on program allows students to work toward their degrees and offers residents and students the opportunity to build intergenerational bonds. Additionally, we do daily walks to the park, monthly outings, live entertainment, and so much more! To see all our events & programs, check out the calendar, connect with us on social media, or sign up to join our mailing list.
Of course! We want Glen Park to feel like home, so whether that means bringing your own furniture, hanging pictures on the walls, or packing up your favorite plants, you always have the option to personalize your space. Alternatively, if the idea of moving seems overwhelming, rest assured, because our accommodations come completely furnished at no additional charge. Check out any or all of our communities from the “Locations” drop-down menu to see photos of our move-in-ready studios and suites.
Yes! Glen Park has a medication management program in each of our communities, and medications will be added to you or your loved one’s Individualized Care Plan (ICP). A trained Medication Technician will dispense all medications (over-the-counter + prescribed) through the OPUS Medication Pass Delivery System, which is a state of the art system that provides accuracy, ease of administration, and efficiency. All residents have the option to use our Preferred Pharmacy, which will store all medications into the OPUS color coded system at no additional cost. Otherwise, if a resident would like to opt and continue to use an outside pharmacy, there is a small monthly fee for our Preferred Pharmacy to convert medications from the bubble packs and/or vials into the OPUS system. Our Preferred Pharmacy is willing to match most of the outside pharmacy prices, but if you want to double check, or if you have questions about specific medications, feel free to reach out.
Prior to move-in, one of our team members will complete an in-person assessment. You’ll provide us with a recent physician's report outlining your current health and we’ll review your recent medical history to see how we can best meet your needs. Together, we’ll discuss your preferences as well as your normal routines to develop a care plan that works best for you and your needs. Additionally, the Individualized Care Plan (ICP) is regularly updated to meet your evolving needs.
You should carefully question any Assisted Living provider that tells you a resident can live at the community forever, even if their healthcare needs increase. The community may be unable to adequately meet the resident’s needs for the rest of his or her life, and regulations may limit the community’s ability to do so. While we do have multiple options to allow residents to age-in-place, each community in which Glen Park operates regulates the level of services we can provide in an Assisted Living community. If a resident develops needs that require services beyond those allowed by state regulations, we will assist the resident and family in finding the best alternative setting to address the resident’s needs.
We understand the importance of a family pet. Most Glen Park communities allow residents to have pets in their rooms. There is a one-time pet fee and an evaluation will be done prior to move-in to ensure that proper care for the pet is possible and/or in place. Be sure to check with the Glen Park community near you.
Yes. Each of our communities has a Resident Council that meets monthly and provides community management with resident input about services, programs, suggestions, or concerns. We also encourage residents’ friends and family to provide feedback, because we believe that open communication allows us to continually improve our organization and the lives of those we serve.