Senior Assisted Living Services

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As a society, one of the significant tasks we face is taking care of our aging ones. As fiercely independent as they may be, there will come a time when they cannot take care of themselves anymore. Tough decisions often must be made to handle the situation. Therefore, this is where we come in as family members.

On the one hand, it is pretty taxing, emotionally, to see someone you love not being able to care for themselves. It especially hurts to see the parent you always assumed to be a larger-than-life figure unable to handle the essential tasks of taking care of themselves. Further, this may prompt you to step in and pick up the slack, thus helping in every way you can.

This decision is the other end of the spectrum. Taking care of an elderly one is a taxing and tiring job. The task might become too much to bear and become a burden. If not correctly handled, it can also result in hindering you from living your best life. Fortunately, it does not have to be one or the other. Now, you can find a middle ground that ensures you can have your elderly one taken care of without putting your life on hold.

Signs It May Be Time for Assisted Living

No matter how much one tries to fight it, time and age happen to us all. It will get to the point that the only available option is hospice care. When age happens, what are the things to look out for before concurring that assisted living is the next best option?

Worsening Medical Conditions

The older we grow, the higher our chances of developing a chronic medical condition. It is an inevitable fact as our bodies succumb to the continuous fight against nature. Reports show that over seventy million people aged fifty or above have at least one chronic medical condition. The medical conditions can range from dilapidating issues, like Alzheimer’s disease and heart attacks, to various mild illnesses.

Senior citizens with chronic medical conditions are at risk of their conditions worsening with age. At least once a year, one-third of seniors fall, and the death rate for falls has steadily increased in the past decade. If an older adult fell and struggled to get up more than once, then it is safe to say they might not be safe living alone. It is time to investigate assisted living services.

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Monetary Issues

As senior citizens age, their ability to keep track of their finances reduces. Due to lack of motivation or the simple inability to do so, the bills from the banks and insurance companies do not make it past the coffee table. There are also medical conditions like dementia that could prevent them from attending to the bills.

The abstract concept of money and the complex handling and various issues might be challenging to handle. The lack of motivation or medical incapability results in difficulties handling taxes or the proper handling of multiple bills at once.

Senior citizens are also more likely to fall victim to financial frauds from con artists, telemarketers, or even family members. The financially draining swindles can put seniors into a severe financial bind that can prevent them from taking care of themselves, whether they are already doing so or not.


Isolation is an aspect of senior living not talked about enough. According to the U.S. Census, more than eleven million seniors live alone, resulting in isolation affecting the senior’s overall health. When seniors isolate, they reduce how often they participate in their hobbies. Social interaction with family, friends, and neighbors also decreased for them. Soon, they hole up in their house and barely step out at all.

Isolation takes alone with it, a couple of other health issues like:

Depression: The lack of community or a sense of purpose can result in depression in senior citizens. Further, this then opens the door for other diseases like dementia and heart disease.

Addiction: Seniors who live alone are more likely to develop unhealthy habits like drinking, smoking, and prescription drug abuse.

Mortality: According to a study, isolation is related to the senior’s mortality rate.

Poor Hygiene and Frailty

The inability or lack of motivation to take care of oneself is a huge sign that announces it might be time for assisted living. Some signs of this are poor hygiene, including messy grooming habits and an unpleasant odor. That means they are not bathing as often as they should or are not as diligent with their laundry.

Some seniors also begin to frail as they age. So, this means they are looking skinner than usual. Further, this can result from a poor diet or a symptom of something more serious, like a medical issue that you have not yet addressed.